My Best Friend Murphy

My Best Friend    Murphy
My Best Friend Murphy

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

what a wild ride!!!

There has been so much happen since Oct I don't know where to start. First I went on a three week transatlantic cruise. It was wonderful.
Then we did not have any winter here :(
There have been babies born and that is where the miracles started.
I had one baby not hatch so I got it out seemed fine.
I had a bunch of eggs in the bator and it spiked to 106 and when I got up in the morning that is what I found. I moved as many eggs as I could to other bator brought temp in line in that bator and decided to just wait. Well low and behold about half of those babies made it.

But this tops everything....
Momma outside who hatched five eggs on sunday left four. When I got home she was off the nest and so I figured that was that. About an hour later I said what the heck I grabbed three of the eggs took them into the house, cleaned my bator got it started and almost to temp and put the eggs in. So now it is Monday at work this is the second day in the bator and when I left I saw nothing that would excite me. I got home last night and YOU GUESSED IT......... a baby had hatched!!!!!! :o I could not believe it. All the stuff about never opening the bator after lock down ect had no bearing on this little one. Not sure if it is a girl or boy but is either a cross between a black copper maran and either a white or buff orpington. really cute. I got it out this morning put in little container with water and food and heat light. I did not think it would be able to keep up with the others last night but should be ready tonight to join siblings and mom. I am telling you guys those who don't enjoy nature and animals are missing so much. What a blessing.....

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