My Best Friend Murphy

My Best Friend    Murphy
My Best Friend Murphy

Monday, September 19, 2011

The week end is over already !!!!!

I swear it seems like I can never get anything done on the week ends. This week end I spent time running back and forth to where the babys are checking on the temps. in the brooders. I am so worried I will do something wrong and cause them harm that I can hardly think about anything else.

None of my girls are laying many eggs. They look like heck so I believe they are all molting. I get so disappointed when I go into the house and expect to see a lot of eggs, or even a normal amount, and there are only a few. My older, four years, girls hardly lay at all any more.

I still have not gotten to cleaning out those houses but I have to even if I have to take leave to do it.
I feel like I am spinning my wheels and never getting any where. I hate this feeling. I want to quilt but I never have time. I have to clean out the houses, but never have time, however I have to get this done even if I have to take leave to do it. Need to straighten up my house but never have time. So where is time GOING?

While time seems to be flying in one sense I just realized this morning that the babys are only a week old. The way it seems they should be at least three weeks by now. UG

It really rained last night which was such a gift. I still haven't been able to get my poor trees in the ground so the water was very much appreciated.

Got some pears sliced up last night. Going to try some pear perserves. I don't think my pears have much flavor but maybe after cooking they will. How will I find the time? I have to get the jars steralized tonight so I can jar the jam.....

Well that is about it for today. Stay safe and of course peace and love.....

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  1. OK...take a deep breath as you are worrying me now! LOL! I think you need to make a cup of hot tea, get in your favoite, snuggle socks and take about 3-hours for YOUSELF first of all! Then when you fell like you are renewed INSIDE can you get your first priorities in line and get to work. Pears & other produce cannnot wait as you must can and freeze while the harvest is right. Go check on the babies in the morning before you leave for work, when you get home in the afternoon and close up tight and warm at evening. From this week on they will start feathering out better and faster than you know it. In about another 10 days they can go most of the day without too much heat as long as daytime temps are in the upper 70's or 80's. Night temps are cooler of course but it will not be long as my chicks I ordered are 3 weeks old today...and feathers are a'growin'! I am seeing some good color coming in now.
    So first, REST YOUR MIND A MOMENT...then get back to work and feel renewed and take care of you first because if you fall, the whole thing falls like dominoes after that, right.

    Be safe and chat soon, Mike...aka...GARDEN DADDY