My Best Friend Murphy

My Best Friend    Murphy
My Best Friend Murphy

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sort of a sigh of relief

Good morning..Yesterday I worried all day b/c one of the babys, the last to hatch actually, was so very weak!! He/she look a mess and not well at all. I thought and thought and finally it hit me, I am embarrassed to even reveal this, he was not strong enough to navagate in the big brooder with all the other strong healthy chicks!!! I could hardly wait to get home, honestly expecting him/her to be gone. I rushed home ran in the door and there he was so frail and at least looked fearful. All the others were up running and eatting and growing (they sure grow fast).
Immediately I started reading the small clear crate and as soon as the temp got up to 98 I moved him/her in. I put in a couple others with him so he would not be lonely (they do get very stressed at this age when taken away from their buddies) and said a prayer.
Well of course I was up and down all night checking temps watching how he was doing. I had showed him where the waterer was and now that the others weren't knocking him out of the way I noticed he was actually drinking and seemed very thirsty. I tried to get him to eat but never saw that happen. But he was more relaxed and actually layed down. Poor little baby..
Well this moring he was still there. I actually saw him peck a bit and eat a dot. His feathers are fluffed up and he looks like a baby chick. So while I am not ready to proclaim that he will make it, it sure looks better than it did yesterday at this time.
Nothing else of note to pass on. When I have babies the pretty much consume my life until I know they are well....another three week of anxiety....I wish you peace and love    Caio

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  1. Hey, Cindy...congrats on getting the little thing to this point. You know they really do not eat much for the first 24 to 48 hours so do not be alarmed as long as the little fuzzy thing is drinking to keep down some dehydration. You can use either a little Pedialyte (splg?) or a little Gatorade that has some sugar and electrolytes in either one would not hurt it a bit...might jump start it some. Much good luck with the brood!