My Best Friend Murphy

My Best Friend    Murphy
My Best Friend Murphy

Monday, September 5, 2011

Praise the Lord it is cool today

Well it is Labor Day. Baby chicks were moved into their house, stayed in their for all of yesterday. Today I opened the doors and it did not take much time for them to find their way outside!! Out the door or down their ramp.
The other girls who they will be sort of sharing their yard with were very curious and stood around the outside of their yard behind the fencing watching.....So far so good.
Boy I got stung by at least three wasps yesterday. Did not realize they were under one of those hot wire caps on a fence post and man they got me.. I put white vinegar on it and while that stopped the pain my hand is swollen up like a balloon and my gosh it itches like crazy. Any remedies any one? Yow. I try not to itch but that only works for a short while.
Gotta get going....Peace and Love to all.


  1. Boy those wasp will hide just about anywhere for sure. Hope all is ok this week!

  2. Hi Mike
    Just posted latest post but wanted to try this again. Hope you are well.