My Best Friend Murphy

My Best Friend    Murphy
My Best Friend Murphy

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A valuable lesson

When I got home yesterday I had about 12 fuzzy little faces looking at me through the incubator!!! The other bator had four more.. Then I looked at the temp. and the frigging temp in one was 102. I grabbed those baby's out put in the brooder tub and when temp went down a little closed them (the bator) back up. I know you aren't supposed to open the tops but I knew they could not live long in 102. Then I noticed one that was in a egg where she had tried to pipe but the membrane was dried out and she couldn't peck through it. She was peeping loudly. My heart ached because I had promised myself I would not mess with the eggs, and let nature take its course, but this was not a nature issue it was a machine caused issue. Soooo I got some tweezers, disinfected them and pulled a little hole for the baby. Soon I realized the shell was dried too and that she was a little stuck to the dried membrane so I pulled off some more shell and membrane, enough that her head and lttle body was visible. Set it down and said a prayer and closed the bator up. I would do no more, she was on her own from here on out. It was her battle to win or lose. When I have helped chicks I learned that part of that struggle they go through twisting and pushing to get out of their shell is really important to straighten them out and strengthen their muscles so they can stand. Low and be hold when I went back about two hours later there she was straight and standing!!!! Praise the LORD.
I have learned a really valuable lesson through this, and that is you can help or you can help too much. I then had an epiphany ....this struggle to live and be strong is a metaphor for life, but especially for those who are raising kids.... watching our kids go through struggles is very hard for a parent to do, giving a little help is okay but when we make it too easy for them they do not learn the lesson, nor do they gain the strength they will get from going through the struggle on their own and being victorious. This just blew me away folks. What a life altering realization for me. Especially since I am a therapist and I watch parents protect their kids to the point that they either can not make it through a struggle or wait for someone else to open the shell (struggle) for them. At this point they truly are crippled and in all our good intentions we really have killed them. It was our anxiety and worring about them that got in the way of them being able to stand tall on their two feet!

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