My Best Friend Murphy

My Best Friend    Murphy
My Best Friend Murphy

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The long hot summer

Well I took some time off to try to get some things done around the house, and pool, and the time became a disaster. Air conditioner went was 105. Had to buy a whole new unit. Then one of my pretty roosters had a heat stroke because the other boys would not let him out of the house so he over heated and could not get water or air. Pool still down. TV is on its last leg, keeps turning off and on. Then last night the water line to the chicken houses busted,,,,again. Got it fixed though.
I was thinking about buying a horse last week end but don'thave anywhere to keep her. :( I know it sounds nuts but I miss my horses so much, the smell the sound all of it. I know it is not a good idea but oh how I wish the guy next door would rent me a stall.
I am so blessed lately though with all this other stuff going on. I talk to my son almost daily and for the first time last week we skyped!! I saw my boy for the first time in 15 years!!! Doesn't get much better than that.
I bought some new Americuanas from My Pet Chicken and what I got was a real mess. About four roosters, and maybe four Americanas...everything else is a mystery bird. Not happy cuzz I was counting on those pretty eggs.(My older girls are not laying as much). I have told them but so far nothing.
It is a little cooler today thank God. Hope everyone is well and healthy.

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